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O'Donoghue, John and McCarthy, J. B. and Sheng, Huang and Adam, Frederic;
Proceedings of ECIME 2009
Evaluating the Integration of Leading Edge Pervasive Technologies to Improve Service-Based Performance.
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Within retail banking making decisions related to staff allocation to deliver services is complex in nature. It is often the case that certain services are either over or under staffed. Over staffing incurs a cost to the bank while under staffing impedes existing services and typically offers a poor consumer experience. Thus, making these sizing decisions is important in terms of both short and long term impact. In this paper, traditional approaches to measuring branch performance are compared with a new approach leveraging leading edge technologies. While current performance measurement protocols are based on an audit scenario, with a group of experts travelling from branch to branch to perform scheduled monitoring of key processes. This paper intends to demonstrate that such evaluation and auditing activities can be performed in near real-time using for example live customer location tracking feeds at the branch level. When implemented correctly the integration of such a technology
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