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Morgunov, R. B.,Dmitriev, A. I.,Tanimoto, Y.,Klenina, I. B.,Kazakova, O. L.,Kulkarni, J. S.,Holmes, J. D.;
Physics of The Solid State
Magnetic Resonance in Ge0.99Mn0.01 Nanowires
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The contributions of several different subsystems to the magnetic properties of Ge0.99Mn0.01 nanowires are distinguished. The ferromagnetic resonance spectrum is found to have four components, two of which have the same temperature dependence and a Lorentzian shape. Presumably, these components correspond to the excitation of spin waves in the Mn3+ ion subsystem under the simultaneous influence of exchange and dipole-dipole interactions. There is also another Lorentzian-shaped component corresponding to resonance in the subsystem of localized Mn2+ centers. The fourth spectrum component has an asymmetric Dyson shape and is related to the resonance of mobile paramagnetic centers. A correlation is found between the temperature dependences of the spectral parameters of the magnetic resonances of the localized centers (Mn3+ and Mn2+ ions) and the charge carrier subsystem. This correlation indicates that the ferromagnetic exchange between the localized centers is due to carrier spin transport.
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