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Jacinta McKeon
Teaching Disciplinary Content of International Relations through a Second language: English as an L2 within the context of a bi-lingual society of Barcelona, Spain
A programme of continuous professional development in the teaching of disciplinary content through an L2
Facultat de Communicacio Blanquerna, Universitat Ramon Llul, Barcelona, Spain.
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I provided a continuous professional development (CPD)course for teachers of the Facultat de Communicacio Blanquerna, Universitat Ramon Llul who are teaching on a new degree in International Relations and this degree is being taught through English.  The CPD programme was designed to assist lecturers to consider the pedagogical implications of teaching through an L2 both from the perspective of the lecturers (whose L1 is mainly Catalan) and the students (whose L1s include Catalan, Castellano, and other European languages).  Of particular interest to me was exploring the use of the L2 and L1 in such a teaching context.