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William O'Brien;
Iverni: a Prehistory of Cork
Collins Press
Cork, Ireland
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Archaeology Prehistory Ireland

This book is the first published prehistory of the Cork region in southern Ireland. It tells the story of some  8500 of the past 10,000 years of a recorded human presence in the region. The book presents a broad overview of human life in the prehistoric period and introduces the major developments in human society during that period. The reader is also introduced to the most important ancient sites and monuments of the region. The book summarises the results of many important archaeological excavations undertaken during road and pipeline developments over the past decade. It also examines the most important artifact finds from the pre-Christian era that have been found in the county. Readers of this book will gain a major insight into the early story of Cork, as well as a greater appreciation of the cultural landscape heritage of the county and the archaeology of their own home areas.

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