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Gibbon, F. E.,Crampin, L.;
Cleft Palate Craniofacial Journal
An electropalatographic investigation of middorsum palatal stops in an adult with repaired cleft palate.
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OBJECTIVE: Middorsum palatal stops are compensatory articulations that occur relatively frequently in cleft palate speech. This study used electropalatographic (EPG) and acoustic data to investigate /t/ and /k/ targets produced as middorsum palatal stops ([c]) by an adult with an articulation disorder associated with a repaired cleft palate. RESULTS: Two novel observations were made from the instrumental data. First, although /t/ and /k/ targets were judged by phonetically trained listeners as homophonous (i.e., both produced as [c]), the EPG data revealed that the place of articulation for the [c] produced for /t/ was more anterior than the place of articulation for the [c] produced for /k/. Second, production of palatal stops involved lateral release followed by a variable period of lateral friction. Measurements made from the instrumental data quantified the temporal extent of lateral friction during the aspiration period. CONCLUSIONS: These observations merit further systematic investigation in cleft palate speech, and the procedures reported in this study are considered appropriate for such future research.
1055-6656 (Print)1055-66
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