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Gibbon, F.,Hardcastle, W.,Nicolaidis, K.;
Language and Speech
Temporal and spatial aspects of lingual coarticulation in /kl/ sequences: a cross-linguistic investigation.
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36 ( Pt 2-3)
Temporal and spatial aspects of lingual coarticulation in /kl/ clusters in intervocalic position (VklV) were investigated in six European languages: Catalan, English, French, German, Italian, and Swedish. Three speakers of each language repeated a set of real words and nonsense items five times. Temporal overlap of /k/ and /l/ gestures, as represented by a numerical overlap index, was interpreted as tongue-tip/tongue-body coarticulation, and was measured from electropalatographic and airflow records. Results revealed several language-specific features. For example, the tendency to overlap was different for the six languages. All the languages except Swedish showed some instances of overlap, and Catalan showed the strongest tendency. The vowel environment also had a significant effect: The presence of an open back vowel in V1 and V2 positions increased the tendency for overlap to occur. However, there was no statistically significant difference in overlap between nonsense and real words. Spatial information from EPG data showed that articulatory placement of the tongue-body gesture was more retracted in a /kl/ cluster compared to a singleton consonant. All the languages under investigation showed this phenomenon. These findings are discussed in terms of possible constraints operating between the tip/blade and tongue-body systems.
0023-8309 (Print)0023-83
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