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Young, F.,Gibbon, F.;
International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders.
Normative Scottish data on the CELF-RUK: a pilot study.
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33 Suppl
There are relatively few standardised tests available for assessing language abilities in older children. A widely used test in Britain is the Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals-Revised (CELF-R, Semel et al. 1987). One potential problem with its use in the UK is that the test has been standardised on American children. In this investigation, the CELF-RUK was administered to twenty Scottish language-normal children, aged 12;0-12;11 years. The results showed that the Scottish children's scores were significantly lower than the American standardisation sample scores for the expressive subtests but not significantly different for the receptive subtests. The results suggest that further research is needed before the test can be used confidently with Scottish children with language impairment.
1368-2822 (Print)1368-28
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