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Kiely, G. and Fitzgerald, B.;
Organizational Information Systems in the Context of Globalization, Working Conference (with WG 9.4)
An Investigation of the Use of Methods within Information Systems Development Projects
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Athens, Greece
The development of information systems has always been and remains a volatile environment. Practitioners and researchers within the field of information systems development (ISD) have put forward a number of different ideas over the past thirty years to better monitor and control the process. The use of traditional ISD methods has been one such idea that has not only achieved widespread application but has garnered many criticisms regarding its application. This study seeks to investigate whether these criticisms are supported in terms of how present day organizations utilize traditional ISD methods in light of the increased diversity and sophistication of ISD projects. The findings of the study indicate that whilst methods are considered an integral part of the majority of development projects, they cannot be adopted without a significant amount of modification to suit individual development projects. In addition, traditional ISD methods were considered of limited use within the present ISD environment.
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