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Crean, A.M., Moore A.C., O'Mahony C.
Sharebiotech: Fostering Open Innovation in Biotechnology
ImmuPatch: a skin-deep approach to vaccination and drug delivery
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ImmuPatch is a microneedle-based platform technology for transdermal drug and vaccine delivery. The technology has been developed to overcome current technical, financial and logistical obstacles to drug and vaccine delivery. The key benefits arising from microneedle-mediated delivery include increased patient compliance, capability of self-administration, enhanced potency, efficacy and pharmacokinetic profiles. Additionally, microneedle-mediated delivery can result in decreased side effects, pain, cost, reliance on healthcare workers and cold chain and elimination of needlestick injuries and hazardous waste.

ImmuPatch: a skin-deep approach to vaccination and drug delivery
ImmuPatch arrays incorporate ultrasharp microneedles that create microscopic openings in the stratum corneum through which pharmaceutical agents or vaccines can diffuse. The ImmuPatch team have developed two vaccine-loaded microneedle array technologies. The ‘Coated ImmuPatch’ is a device that has the drug or vaccine stably coated onto solid microneedles and ‘Dissolvable ImmuPatch’ incorporates a microneedle patch that is completely fabricated from vaccine-containing formulation and dissolves when inserted into the skin. Both of these vaccine-loaded microneedle array technologies are produced by a novel method, which avoids heating the drug or vaccine formulation, to precisely coat materials onto solid microneedle arrays or to generate solid, dissolvable microneedles.