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Healy, L. O.,McEnery, M. M.,McCarthy, D. G.,Harris, S. J.,Glennon, J. D.;
Analytical Letters
Silica-bonded calixarenes in chromatography: Enantioseparations on molecular basket phases for rapid chiral LC. Analytical Letters
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The synthesis of a new type, of chiral stationary phase, prepared from triethoxysilyl derivatives of calixarenes, and by the chemical immobilisation of these chiral molecular baskets to 3 mu m silica particles, is-reported. Specifically; a silica-bonded calix[4]arene, functionalised at the lower rim with L-(-)-ephedrine, is prepared and packed into a short LC column for rapid chiral separations, Using reversed phase conditions and high flow rate, such new phases based on functionalised calixarenes are applicable to chiral aromatic and non-aromatic solutes and are capable of resolving the enantiomers of R(-) and S(+)-1-phenyl-2,2,2-trifluoroethanol in less than 45 seconds.
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