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King, R. & Belsky, J.
Archives of Sexual Behavior
Evolutionary functions of human female orgasm
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Building on previous work that identified different
types of orgasm in women (King, Belsky, Mah, & Binik,
2011), the goal of the present study was to extend such typological
work and determine whether female orgasmic variability
tracked potentially evolutionarily salient sexual partner
characteristics (e.g., those displaying possibleimmune-system
compatibility). A total of 265 females completed an Internet
survey about their orgasmic experience—achieved either with
partners or alone. For partnered orgasms, they also provided
details of partner characteristics and sexual behaviors. Latent
class analysis revealed two orgasm types which were meaningfully
distinguishable in terms of sensations and location—
either centered on the surface of genitalia or deep inside. Deep
orgasms were associated with internal sensations consistent
with proposed functions of female orgasm in terms of differential
sperm insuck. Such orgasms were associated with
partners who were perceived as considerate, dominant, with a
noticeably attractive smell, and as providing firm penetration.
However, some hypothesized reproductively significant partner
characteristics were not differentially associated with deep
orgasms (i.e., muscularity, aggression, masculinity). Results
were discussed and future research directions outlined. In particular,
it is suggested that sexual passion between partners is a
non-accidental component of sexual functioning and that this
has too frequently been missing in sex research involving humans.
Direct physiological measures of the results of female
orgasm need to be undertaken.Additionally, the intriguing phenomenon
of female ejaculation deserves scientific attention.
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