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King, R., Belsky, J., Mah, K. & Binik, Y
Archives of Sexual Behavior
Are there different types of female orgasm?
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To determine whether different types of orgasms which females have during sex with a
partner could be identified and validated, data collected by Mah and Binik (2002) on the dimensional phenomenology of female orgasm were subject to further evaluation. Latent-class analysis revealed four types of orgasms which varied systematically in terms of the pleasure and sensations they engendered. Two types, collectively labelled "good-sex orgasms", received higher pleasure and sensation scores than solitary-masturbatory ones, and two other types, collectively labelled "not-asgood-sex orgasms", received lower ratings. These two higher-order groups of orgasms differed from each other on a number of psychological, physical and relationship factors examined for purposes of validating the typology. Results are considered in light of evolutionary thinking regarding the function
of female orgasm and future research directions are highlighted.
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