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Gibbon, F., & Lee, A.
The 14th ICPLA Conference
In A. Lee, F. E. Gibbon, A. Wrench, L. Ellis, A., Lohmander, & S. Wood (Speakers), An update on the technology of electropalatography (EPG) and research findings on typical and atypical speech production [Panel session]
Cork, Ireland
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Electropalatogaphy (EPG) is a computer-based instrument for capturing and recording the location and timing of contact between the tongue and the palate during speech production. It has been used to study typical articulation of various languages as well as atypical articulation in individuals with speech disorders due to different causes. The findings of these studies are important for our understanding of the nature of typical and atypical articulation and they also form a knowledge base for using EPG as a tool for assessment and treatment in speech and language therapy. There have been advances and development in the area since the last EPG symposium held in 2008. The purposes of this thematic panel are to give a technological update of EPG as well as a report on recent findings on typical and atypical speech production.