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Morrissey, E. & Murphy, M.
Psychological Society of Ireland Annual Conference
Social Support, Outness and Depression in Gay Males
Cork, Ireland
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Objective: Opportunities for communicating online have opened a new domain of social support. This facility might prove particularly beneficial for members of minority groups; especially those who have difficulty accessing traditional support. The present study examines the relationships of offline and online support to depression levels in a sample of gay males.


Method: A cross-sectional design was employed, involving data from 124 participants.


Results: Controlling for personality, self-esteem, stress and outness, both online and offline support were unique contributors to the model of depression. There was a three-way stress*offline support*outness interaction, such that those who were more out benefited from offline support in times of stress.


Conclusion: Online support is associated with lower depression in gay males, over and above the effect of offline support. Gay males who are less out do not gain more from online support; they do, however, gain less from offline support in times of stress.