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D. Browne, K. Menzel
9th European Conference on Product and Process Modelling (ECPPM)
Validation of Simulation Results using Sensor Data to Improve Building Control
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Gudni Gudnason, Raimar Acherer
In general, current Building Energy Simulation Tools are used for pre-construction design and comparison of designs rather than a full exact varying representation of reality. To provide the best level of detail full CFD analysis for the entire building would be required. However this is currently by far outside the scope of current computing power and labour efforts for a building energy system. Because these simulation tools are designed for comparison of potential designs and because of the difficulty in predicting occupant behaviour, very often the predicted results do not correlate with the real actual performance when buildings are in operation. This paper describes a methodology being developed to combine building energy simulation results with accurate and real sensor & meter data with the purpose of better understanding the relationship between energy simulation and real building operation for better occupant comfort and more efficient operation.
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