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Quigley, E. M.;
Aerophagia and Intestinal Gas. Curr Treat Options Gastroenterol
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Aerophagia refers to a rather rare disorder that may occur in both children and adults that features repetitive air swallowing and belching and that may result in abdominal distention. There are few, if any, controlled studies to guide therapy, which remains largely supportive but may include behavioral therapy and psychotherapy. Bloating, distention, and other gas-related symptoms are common in functional gastrointestinal disorders, including the irritable bowel syndrome; their pathophysiology remains, for the most part, poorly understood. Two separate phenomena need to be distinguished in these disorders: gas production and gas perception. Thus, whereas gas production, which relates most closely to flatus emissions, is probably within the normal range in most patients with irritable bowel syndrome, gas transport or transit through the gut may be impaired and may lead to the retention of gas within segments of the gut. Visceral hypersensitivity, a common phenomenon in all functional disorders, may exacerbate the sensation of distention and contribute to other "gas-related" symptoms. Few controlled studies have addressed any of these issues. Although, on an empiric basis, dietary therapy may be partially effective in some situations, there is at present no data to support the use of any form of pharmacologic, endoscopic, or surgical therapy for any of these symptoms.
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