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O'Leary, C.,Walsh, C. H.,Wieneke, P.,O'Regan, P.,Buckley, B.,O'Halloran, D. J.,Ferriss, J. B.,Quigley, E. M.,Annis, P.,Shanahan, F.,Cronin, C. C.;
Coeliac disease and autoimmune Addison's disease: a clinical pitfall. QJM
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BACKGROUND: Coeliac disease has an increased prevalence in a number of autoimmune endocrine conditions. An association between coeliac disease and Addison's disease has been proposed in isolated case reports, but has not been formally studied. AIM: To investigate the extent of this association. DESIGN: Prospective screening of patients with confirmed Addison's disease. METHODS: From central computerized records, we identified all living patients with a diagnosis of autoimmune Addison's disease in the past 30 years and presently attending our affiliated hospitals. After exclusions, 44 were invited to attend for screening. RESULTS: Of 41 patients screened, five (12.2%) had coeliac disease: Three were previously diagnosed coeliacs and this was confirmed on review, including examination of biopsy material. A further two had positive IgA-endomysial antibodies. Histological confirmation was obtained in both cases. Neither had laboratory or clinical evidence of malabsorption. DISCUSSION: In this series of patients with Addison's disease, a higher co-morbidity with coeliac disease was observed than in any previously studied endocrine condition. We recommend that coeliac serology (anti-endomysial and tissue transglutaminase antibody) testing be incorporated routinely into the autoimmune screen for other conditions in patients with Addison's disease.
1460-2725 (Print) 1460-23
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