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McCashland, T. M.,Donovan, J. P.,Strobach, R. S.,Linder, J.,Quigley, E. M.;
Collagenous enterocolitis: a manifestation of gluten-sensitive enteropathy. J Clin Gastroenterol
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We report coexistent collagenous colitis and collagenous sprue in a 62-year-old woman with diarrhea. Investigations suggested malabsorption, and small intestinal biopsies demonstrated a flattened mucosa with subepithelial collagen deposition. Colonic biopsies also showed a thickened subepithelial collagen band as well as a striking lamina propria inflammatory cell infiltrate. Symptomatic remission was induced with a gluten/lactose-free diet, oral prednisone, and sulfasalazine and has been maintained with gluten restriction alone. Repeat biopsies after 2 months demonstrated restoration of normal small intestinal and colonic collagen bands; only a chronic inflammatory cell infiltrate (consistent with microscopic/lymphocytic colitis) persisted in colonic biopsies. We propose that, in this instance, collagenous enterocolitis represented a diffuse manifestation of gluten sensitivity.
0192-0790 (Print) 0192-07
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