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Hole, D. J.,Quigley, E. M.,Gillis, C. R.,Watkinson, G.;
Peptic ulcer and cancer: an examination of the relationship between chronic peptic ulcer and gastric carcinoma. Scand J Gastroenterol
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The relationship between peptic ulceration and gastric carcinoma has been examined using data from two large autopsy surveys. The first consisted of over 13,000 autopsies performed in a single hospital over a 20-year period and analysed retrospectively; the second was a prospective series of over 7000 autopsies carried out at 17 centres during a single year. In both, a lower than expected occurrence of coexistent gastric cancer was found in subjects with pathologic evidence of active or past gastric and duodenal ulceration. A statistical association between chronic gastric ulcer and lung cancer was noted. This study has failed to identify an increased risk of gastric carcinoma in patients with chronic gastric ulcer.
0036-5521 (Print) 0036-55
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