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K. Menzel, B. Cahill
Data Warehouse - Intermediate Report (EU FP7 BaaS: D2.2)
Brussels, Cork
European Commission
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BaaS, APO, Access, Predict, Optimize, Service, BIM, KPI, Communication Logic, BMS, Data Warehouse, IFC

BaaS Deliverable 2.2 is dedicated to the detailed description of the BaaS Data Warehouse schema. It also describes that types of data it will support. One important function of the Data Warehouse to to analyse data and generate relevant output data for peripheral BaaS processes. This document will assist to detail what output data is required and how it is generated.

Task 2.2 focuses on the implementation of a Data Warehouse. This document will detail what Data Warehouse interfaces will be supported and how these interfaces will be supported.

This document is influenced by KPI requirements discussed in D1.1 and the Data Warehouse requirements discussed in D2.1. In addition, Data Warehouse output will be influenced by requirements discussed in WP3, 4, 5 and 6. 

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