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B. Cahill, K. Menzel, M. Floeck, M. Schmidt, A. Schülke, M. Etinski, J. L. Hernández, S. Martín, C. Valmaseda
High-Level Architecture, Interfaces Definitions, Data Models Extension Description (EU FP7 BaaS: D3.1)
Brussels, Cork
European Commission, UCC
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BaaS, APO, Access, Predict, Optimize, Service, BIM, KPI, Communication Logic, BMS, Data Warehouse
BaaS Deliverable 3.1 presents an overview of the proposed BaaS High-level architecture featuring a three layered structure consisting of a Data Layer, Communication Logic Layer and APO Service Layer. In addition, this document details a brief description concerning each layers constituent parts, supported interfaces, security and privacy aspects and model extensions. 
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