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Gibbon, F., Murdoch, B. E., Hardcastle, W. J., Theodoros, D., & Cahill, L.
Journal of Medical Speech-Language Pathology
Q2: A procedure for profiling impaired speech motor control of the tongue using electropalatography.
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Electropalatography (EPG) is being used increasingly in research and clinical contexts to investigate and treat impaired speech motor control. The wider use of EPG has resulted in the need for a standard procedure for profiling temporal and spatial aspects of motor control derived from tongue-palate contact data. This paper describes such a procedure, which is referred to as the Q2 profile. The Q2 profile uses standard speech material, established criteria for EPG analysis, and objective measures for quantifying temporal and spatial aspects of motor control. The Q2 profile is illustrated with data from a speaker with dysarthria associated with traumatic brain injury and four control speakers. The potential uses of the Q2 profile are discussed.
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