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Gibbon, F.,Dent, H.,Hardcastle, W.;
Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics
Diagnosis and therapy of abnormal alveolar stops in a speech-disordered child using Electropalatography.
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This case study used electropalatography (EPG) to investigate the articulatory events that occurred during lingual stops in a child with a developmental speech disorder. Abnormal tongue-palate contact was observed in all alveolar stop targets (oral and nasal). This involved the production of complex articulations, resembling either double velar/alveolar articulations or palatalized velars. These complex gestures were found to be longer in duration than those for velar targets (which showed normal EPG patterns). Auditory judgements made by 20 (IPA-trained) listeners failed to identify the underlying systematic nature of the disorder. A therapy programme using EPG for visual feedback was successful, and post-therapy results showed normal-looking EPG patterns for alveolar stops. The diagnosis of this type of disorder is discussed with reference to the evidence presented and in terms of the recent phonological-phonetic-articulation debate. The clinical implications in terms of assessment and treatment of similar cases are discussed.
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