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Deng, Shijie; Morrison, Alan P.
MIXDES 2012, 19th International Conference "Mixed Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems
High resolution hold-off time control circuit for Geiger-mode avalanche photodiodes
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Avalanche photodiodes Digital signal processing chips GM-APD Geiger-mode avalanche photodiode Digital input High-resolution hold-off time control circuit Microsecond Nanosecond Optimal after pulse-free hold-off time Signal processing circuitry Anodes Clocks Integrated circuit modeling Layout MOSFETs Afterpulsing Geiger-mode avalanche photodiodes High-resolution Hold-off time
Warsaw, Poland
A high-resolution hold-off time control circuit for Geiger-mode avalanche photodiodes (GM-APDs) that enables linear changes to the hold-off time from several nanoseconds to microseconds is presented. The resolution of the hold-off time can be varied from nanoseconds to tens of nanoseconds with a range up to 1.2 μs to cater for a variety of GM-APDs. This circuit allows setting of the optimal `afterpulse-free' hold-off time for any GM-APD through digital inputs or additional signal processing circuitry. The layout area is 95 μm 55 μm which makes it suitable for use with APD arrays. The APD is automatically reset following the end of the hold-off period.
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Science Foundation Ireland