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Concannon-Gibney, T,Murphy, B
Irish Educational Studies
Reading comprehension instruction in Irish primary classrooms: key insights into teachers' perspectives on classroom practices
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reading comprehension reading instruction Ireland comprehension strategies teacher professional development
Despite a wealth of international research indicating the importance but also the dearth of explicit reading comprehension instruction in classrooms, current classroom reading pedagogy does not appear to have acknowledged and addressed this shortcoming to any significant degree. This is cause for some considerable concern, as today's students require effective, metacognitive reading comprehension strategies in order to succeed in a vastly expanding multi-literate textual environment. This paper will discuss a recent study, involving a survey (n = 278) and interviews (n = 12), which examined current beliefs and understandings regarding reading, as well as reading pedagogy and practice among teachers at primary level in Ireland. The findings revealed that current reading pedagogy, as indicated by the surveyed teachers, relies heavily on decoding instruction and an affective approach to reading while explicit comprehension instruction practice remains secondary and more the exception rather than the rule. The paper will attempt to examine possible reasons as to why current reading pedagogy remains 'un-balanced' in this manner while also exploring possible avenues for improvement.
DOI 10.1080/03323315.2012.673908
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