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Sousa-Gallagher, MJ,Mahajan, PV
Food Control
Integrative mathematical modelling for MAP design of fresh-produce: Theoretical analysis and experimental validation
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Modified atmosphere packaging Integrative mathematical modelling Respiration Permeability Packaging Validation Strawberries MODIFIED-ATMOSPHERE PACKAGES RESPIRATION RATE ENZYME-KINETICS CARBON-DIOXIDE VEGETABLES STRAWBERRIES FRUITS OXYGEN CONSUMPTION PERFORATION
Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) of fresh produce is a dynamic system and relies on the modification of the atmosphere inside the package, achieved by the natural interplay between two processes, the respiration of the product and the transfer of gases through the packaging film, which leads to an atmosphere richer in CO2 and poorer in O-2. The challenge is how to integrate the mathematical modelling depicting product respiration rate and package permeability to simplify the packaging design process. The aim of this paper is to show the application of integrative mathematical modelling for MAP design of fresh produce. Mathematical models on product respiration rate and package permeability have been compiled into a comprehensive database and by using engineering principles were integrated on a web-based software platform (Pack-in-MAP(R)) which can be used to design and simulate the packaging needs for fresh produce. The aim of this paper was to illustrate the use of Pack-in-MAP(R) software and additionally simulate and validate the MAP design for fresh whole strawberry. The experimental and predicted gas compositions during storage were closely matching thereby showing the ability of Pack-in-MAP(R) software to determine the ideal packaging solution and predict the gas composition inside the package during storage period. Further, it can also evaluate the impact of temperature variation, and variability of product/package on gas composition providing a system which allows selection of suitable packaging materials for fresh produce. The Pack-in-MAP(R) software can be used to test several solutions on a value-for-money basis in order to achieve results while minimising costs and avoiding costly trial-and-error approaches. (C) 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
DOI 10.1016/j.foodcont.2012.05.072
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