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M. Smith, L. Floyd, D. O’Mahony and P. J. Parbrook
UK Nitrides Consortium Winter Meeting 2013
Comparative simulation study of InAlN/GaN and AlGaN/GaN HEMT devices
Cardiff, Wales
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Lattice matched InAlN/GaN heterostructures potentially offer a high reliability alternative to AlGaN/GaN devices whilst theoretically maintaining the high power/frequency performance characteristics. This study uses commercial device simulator and equivalent circuit models to directly compare the suitability of In0.18Al0.82N and Al0.3­Ga0.7N as a barrier layer in conventional GaN-HEMT structures with a focus on the DC and RF current response over a range of ambient temperatures with respect to the parasitic impedances commonly reported to inhibit InAlN fulfilling its theoretical potential.

IRCSET, European Space Agency