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Boggi, Flavio, & Robert Gibbs
Lippo di Dalmasio. «Assai valente pittore»
Bononia University Press
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Lippo di Dalmasio -- Painting, Italian -- Italy -- Bologna -- Painting, Medieval -- Painting, Renaissance -- Painters -- Italy -- Bologna
Lippo di Dalmasio (c.1353-1410) was the most celebrated of Bolognese painters at the beginning of the Renaissance and came to represent an ideal devotional past for the writers on art of the Counter-Reformation. His fame was due both to the quality of his works and the regularity with which he signed them, ensuring that his memory lived on for posterity. By the 17th century he had been transformed into a legendary figure, a Carmelite whose art was an act of personal devotion. This monograph, the first to be dedicated to the master and initially published in English, has been expanded, revised and richly illustrated for an Italian edition funded by SEPS, a body linked to the Council of Europe. The volume explores the origins of Lippo’s art and his historical reputation, and it presents a critical catalogue of his documented works and those attributed to him. The book will be a valuable source of reference for art historians, as well as gallery curators and picture dealers needing a secure basis for the attribution and evaluation of the painter's substantial body of work, scattered in many collections and some still in private hands. With this study Boggi and Gibbs hope to restore Lippo to his deserved place among the major European artists.
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The translation costs were covered by SEPS - Segretariato Europeo per le Pubblicazioni Scientifiche, a non-profit association that holds consultative status with the Council of Europe.