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Di Blasi, Z., Dockray, S., O'Leary, K.
Psychological Society of Ireland, 42nd Annual Conference
The Heart and Science of Positive Psychology
Cork, Ireland
Invited Lectures (Workshops)
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Objective: Positive psychology has thrived in the last decade, and so have the number of interventions to increase positive well-being.  Effective interventions must be embedded in strong conceptual frameworks that guide the development and application of interventions.  This workshop will involve participation in several interventions and group discussion of the assessment of intervention efficacy.

Method: Four linked yet distinct activities will review the development and efficacy of positive psychology interventions.  Following a brief introductory review of the field, the second session will describe the HeartMath framework and invite participants to engage in techniques developed to harness positive emotions.  The third session will describe the conceptual framework of gratitude and mindfulness interventions and participants will complete two related activities.  A review of the research evidence of intervention efficacy will be presented for group discussion.  

Results: Participants will have the opportunity to experience several positive psychology interventions and discuss the research evidence.

ConclusionsThe goal of increasing wellbeing may be the primary phenomena of positive psychological wellbeing but there are several consequent benefits to health, work life and social connectedness.  This workshop is a research- based experimental opportunity for those interested in the study and implementation of positive psychology interventions.


School of Applied Psychology, University College Cork