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Philip Healy, Ray Walshe, John Morrison
ElasticSSI: Self-optimizing Metacomputing through Process Migration and Elastic Scaling
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Single System Image (SSI) systems allow a collection of discrete machines to be presented to the user in the guise of a single virtual machine. Similarly, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) interfaces allow one or more physical machines to be presented to the user in the guise of a collection of discrete virtual machines. Creating an SSI instance from a pool of virtual resources provisioned from an IaaS provider affords the ability to leverage the “on-demand” nature of IaaS to quickly and easily adjust the size of the resource pool. With ElasticSSI we propose to automate this adjustment process through the application of elastic scaling. The automation of the scaling process will result in systems that are self-optimizing with respect to resource utilization; virtual resources are allocated and released based the value of system load metrics, which in turn are dependent on the resources allocated. The scaling process is transparent to the end user as the SSI system maintains the illusion of interacting with a single Linux OS instance.
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