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Frascella, P. and Antony, C. and Fabbri, S.J. and Gunning, F.C.G. and Gunning, P. and McAuliffe, W. and Cassidy, D. and Ellis, A.D.
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters
Impact of Raman Amplification on a 2-Tb/s Coherent WDM System
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OFDM Raman amplification installed link capacity limits
The impact of hybrid erbium-doped fiber amplifier
(EDFA)/Raman amplification on a spectrally efficient
coherent-wavelength-division-multiplexed (CoWDM) optical
communication system is experimentally studied and modeled.
Simulations suggested that 23-dB Raman gain over an unrepeatered span of 124 km single-mode fiber would allow a decrease of the mean input power of 6 dB for a fixed bit-error rate (BER). Experimentally we demonstrated 1.2-dB -factor improvement for a 2-Tb/s seven-band CoWDM with backward Raman amplification. The system delivered an optical signal-to-noise ratio of 35 dB at the output of the receiver preamplifier providing a worst-case BER of over 49 subcarriers at 42.8 Gbaud,
leaving a system margin (in terms of -factor) of 4 dB fromthe
forward-error correction threshold.
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