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Cara Levey, Daniel Ozarow, Christopher Wylde
Argentina Since the 2001 Crisis: Recovering the Past, Reclaiming the Future
Palgrave Macmillan
New York
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Crisis is a term that is much used in the post-Lehman Brothers world. The subsequent responses and associated recoveries (or lack of) have been the subject of a cascade of academic, government, media, and think-tank investigation ever since. This volume will analyse crisis and its associated responses and subsequent recovery in the context of Argentina’s multiple social, economic and political implosion of 2001/02. However, this volume is unique in its understanding of the nature of how crisis and its impacts should be investigated and interrogated. First, it seeks to reject false dichotomies of ‘old’ and ‘new’; instead synthesising understanding to form an analysis that draws both elements of continuity and elements of change into the debate. Second, it recognises that crisis manifests itself in a number of realms – political, economic, social – and that heuristic devices employed to investigate them must subsequently also be drawn from a number of academic realms. This second point is in recognition of the fact that models of political economy, by their very nature and definition, come to encompass all aspects of social life and social reproduction. Therefore, the neoliberalism of the 1980s and 1990s in Argentina (and Latin America more widely) manifested itself not just in economic policy but also in the nature of Argentina’s social contract, its cultural production and its very social fabric. The 2001-02 crisis in Argentina led to a rejection of the neoliberal model and therefore the responses and associated recovery can and indeed must be analysed and interpreted from a myriad of lenses in order to adequately capture the nature of important dynamics that are present in the response and recovery to the crisis of 2001/02.
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