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Dong-Gill Kim, Paul Leahy, Gerard Kiely
Fifth International Symposium on Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gases (NCGG-5) Science, Reduction Policy and Implementation
Predicting the impact of changing fertilizer use, land-use and climate on nitrous oxide emission in Ireland
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climate change; denitrification; sustainable agriculture; temperate grasslands.

Emissions of the greenhouse gas (GHG) nitrous oxide (N2O) from human activities are contributing to global climate change.An estimated 29% of Irelandís GHG emissions are from the agricultural sector, and N2O makes up approximately half of these. Nitrogen (N) fertilizer use, land-use and climate are major controlling factors of N2O emissions from agricultural lands and these factors are expected to change in the near future.The objective of this study is to predict the impact of changing N fertilizer use, land-use and climate on N2O emissions.To this end, a set of management, land use, and climate scenarios has been developed. The current N input from fertilizers was provided on county scale. Scenarios of altered N fertilizer applications were then developed to reflect ongoing and future changes in the farm nutrient management in response to increased uptake of voluntary environmental protection measures (e.g. REPS) or mandatory regulations (e.g. Nitrates Directive).Predictions of future Irish land-use (provided by the ATEAM project) and climatic changes (from the C4I project) based on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change A2 and B2 scenarios were used. To estimate N2O emission under the scenarios, data of N fertilizer use, land-use, and climate changes were applied to a climate sensitive N2O emission factor methodology.In this presentation, we will present the N2O emissions predicted under the scenarios. It is envisaged that the results will improve our understanding of the effects of nutrient management on N2O emissions under future changed land-use and climate conditions.

Government of Ireland; Department of Agriculture & Food
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