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Fahy, S., Lindsay, A., Ouerdane, H., O'Reilly, E.P.;
Physical Review B
Alloy scattering of n -type carriers in GaN_xAs_1-x
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A tight-binding model of the electronic structure of substitutional nitrogen in GaAs, together with a variational description of quasilocalized nitrogen-induced electronic states near the conduction band edge, is used to calculate the nitrogen-related alloy scattering of conduction band electrons in the dilute nitride alloy, GaNxAs1−x. The electron mobility in the nondegenerate and degenerate doping regimes is calculated for bulk and quantum well geometries from the energy-dependent scattering rate using the Boltzmann transport equation in the relaxation-time approximation. Nitrogen cluster states are found to dominate the scattering near the conduction band edge and play a crucial role in limiting the electron mobility. In the experimentally relevant regime of degenerate doping and at nitrogen concentrations of 1 to 2%, the room-temperature mobility is found to be limited to values less than 300  cm2(V  s)−1, in agreement with experimental measurements.
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