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Gallagher, J., O'Sullivan, D. & Murphy, M.
10th Annual Psychology, Health and Medicine Conference
Maladaptive Sleep Beliefs and Sleep Hygiene Are better Predictors of Insomnia Than Type D Personality
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Three hundred and thirty six college students (m=107, f= 229) between the ages of 18 and 25 (mean age = 20.18, sd=1.97) completed online Type D, ISI, DBAS, SHI and caffeine consumption. Breakdown for Insomnia Severity Index, 1=55.9%, 2=32.8%, 3=10.1%, 4=1.2%.  There was a positive bivariate relationship between scores on the Insomnia Severity Index and Type D interaction term scores, r = 0.276, n=338, p < .0005.  Type D was also highly correlated with DBAS and SHI, there was no significant relationship with caffeine consumption. However, when DBAS, and SHI scores were entered into a multiple regression model Type D was no longer predictive.  With ISI as the dependent variable, the model explained 36% of the variance, F(3,334) =62.837, p<.0005. In this model DBAS and SHI were independent predictors (p<.0005), while Type D failed to contribute, thus indicating that the relationship between Type D and insomnia is mediated by DBAS and SHI. 

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