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H. Chapman and B. R. Gearey
2013 Unknown
Striking Images, Iconoclasms Past and Present
Iconoclasm in European Prehistory? Breaking Objects and Landscapes
Burlington, USA
In Press
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Iconoclasm is not a term usually applied to prehistory. This is because we have no written records from the period, so it is not possible to determine the intentionality behind the breakage of an object. Repeated examples of a particular class of broken objects in particular sites suggest, however, that intentional breakage had a role in prehistoric society, and that iconoclasm in fact existed as far back as we can dig into the record of human life on earth. The deliberate destruction of landscape another form of iconoclasm that is rarely considered is also demonstrated in accounts of prehistoric peoples or documented by archaeological examinations of the landscapes themselves. Iconoclasm is, in other words, as old as humanity.

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