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Gearey, B., Bermingham, N., Chapman, H. Charman, D., Fletcher, W., Fyfe, R., Quartermaine, J. and Van de Noort, R.
Peatlands and the Historic Environment
IUCN: Edinburgh
International Union for the Conservation of Nature
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This report provides an introduction to the reasons why peatlands are important for the historic environment. It summarises research undertaken in the last 50 years and considers where the gaps in our current knowledge lie. It considers the different categories of threat to peatlands and the impacts these may have on archaeological remains (sites and finds), including their vulnerability to climate change. The value of peatlands as archives preserving records of past environmental changes is also presented and the contribution such data can make to future management and conservation issues highlighted. It considers the vulnerability of the unique and finite historic environment resource of peatlands and outlines current and future threats. The report then offers an overview of relevant legislation, policies and guidance for the protection and management of the historic environment in peatlands, noting that legislation alone cannot prevent damage to peatlands. Finally, the report considers the harmonies and conflicts between the different interests that have a stake in the management of peatlands in the UK and. It concludes that, whilst areas of potential conflict exist, best practice management of peatlands as historic environments aims for the sameobjective: a peatland that is a living, wet and flourishing ecosystem. This offers the best protection for both the historic environment record and the palaeoenvironmental archive sealed beneath and within the peat.
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