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Murphy. R;
Dynamic assessment, intelligence and measurement.
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Dynamic Assessment, Intelligence and Measurement By Raegan Murphy  Website Copy Dynamic Assessment, Intelligence and Measurement paves the way for the development of dynamic assessment by applying this unique approach to the assessment of human potential. ·         Explores the relationship that dynamic assessment shares with intelligence and measurement·         Outlines a new approach to the assessment of human intelligence while remaining rooted within the scientific realm of psychology·         Fuses philosophy, science methodology, and meta-theory to offer an innovative framework for the assessment of models and theories, dynamic assessment, intelligence, measurement theory, and statistical significance testing
·         Provides the theoretical underpinnings that can lead to a new way forward for the 'movement' of dynamic assessment
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Academics, practitioners or professionals in the field of psychometrics, assessment, intelligence and dynamic assessment; advanced and/or graduate students in the field of psychometrics and intelligence Back Cover żAbout the Bookż 
Dynamic Assessment, Intelligence and Measurement outlines a unique new approach to the assessment of human intelligence, while remaining firmly embedded within the scientific realms of psychology.
After introducing readers to the interconnected domains of dynamic assessment, intelligence, and measurement, research psychologist and intelligence expert Raegan Murphy probes deeply into the philosophical underpinnings of the measurement models currently utilized in psychological assessment and practice. Then, with a seamless fusion of philosophy, science methodology, and meta-theory, she proceeds to construct a novel framework for the assessment of models and theories, dynamic assessment, intelligence, measurement theory and statistical significance testing. In her concluding chapter, Murphy reveals how the simultaneous consideration of the relationships between dynamic assessment, intelligence, and measurement can offer innovative insights into the future development of psycho-educational assessment.
 Dynamic Assessment, Intelligence and Measurement signals a bold new direction in shaping our understanding of the most effective approaches to the development of human potential.  Back Cover Author Biography  Raegan Murphy is Lecturer in Applied Psychology at University College Cork, Ireland. She is a chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society. Her publications have appeared in the South African Journal of Psychology, The Journal of Cognitive Education and Psychology, and The Irish Journal of Psychology.

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