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Hartigan I, Murphy S, Walshe N, O'Brien, S
Re- Designing Initial Teacher Education: Deepening Engagement with Pedogogy Conference
Merging two teaching methodologies to develop student nurses’ clinical competencies.
Western Gateway Building University College Cork
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Merging two teaching methodologies to develop student nurses’ clinical competencies.



Hartigan, I. Murphy, S. Walshe, N. O’Brien, S.

School of Nursing & Midwifery, Brookfield Health Science Complex, University College Cork, Ireland.



Educators are challenged to utilise pedagogical teaching approaches to support students in developing competencies which endorse preparedness for professional practices, such as nursing. The merger of problem based learning (PBL) and simulation are emergent signature pedagogies in Nurse Education. The aim of this poster is to demonstrate the merger of these two active pedagogies for a final-year nursing module (Nursing Management of Challenging Acute Nursing Episodes (CANE).



A descriptive mixed method approach evaluated the merger of these two pedagogies from students’ perspective. Following ethical approval a convenience sample of nursing student (n=30) agreed to participate in this study. Students followed the PBL process 1 and subsequently recorded simulations using a state of the art integrated digital nursing system.


The anonymous electronic student module evaluations provided data on the students’ experience of the module. The process of PBL and simulation was rated as very or extremely satisfactory by 60% of students. The level of realism was rated as very or extremely satisfactory by only 36% of students. From the focus group discussions with students, rich commentary highlighted that students felt competent in recognising a deteriorating patient.



The success of this module is owed to the merging of the two active pedagogies. This merger supports them as emergent signature pedagogies for nurse education. Additionally, it informs how we as educators encourage students to think, perform and act within the boundaries of their profession.




1. Barrett, T., Mac Labhrainn, I., Fallon, H. (2005) Handbook of Enquiry and Problem-based Learning

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