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Purcell, Jennifer E. and Clarkin, Emmett and Doyle, Thomas K.
Foods of Velella velella (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa) in algal rafts and its distribution in Irish seas
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The pleustonic hydrozoan, Velella velella, occurs throughout tropical to cold-temperate oceans of the world and sometimes are stranded in masses along hundreds of kilometers of beaches. In June 2009, we encountered algal rafts in the Celtic Sea containing many V. velella that we immediately preserved for gut content analysis. Available prey were enumerated from raft-associated fauna and zooplankton sampled nearby. The identifiable prey (331) in V. velella comprised 78% raft-associated prey (primarily harpacticoid copepods, cumaceans, small fish) and 22% pelagic prey (calanoid copepods, barnacle nauplii, fish eggs). Comparison of ingested with available prey showed selection for fish eggs and small fish, among others; therefore, the null hypothesis, that V. velella consumed all available prey equally, was rejected. Transport by wind and water concentrate Velella spp. in convergences with algal rafts, which suggests that they are important predators of raft-as well as pelagic fauna. A visual survey in September 2004 across the Celtic Sea and beach-stranding data show that V. velella is very abundant in Irish waters at times. Its circumpolar abundance, consumption of pelagic prey and production from symbiotic zooxanthellae, and mass deposition on beaches suggest that V. velella is important in open-ocean carbon cycling and in transport of pelagic production to landmasses.
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