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O'Driscoll, Mervyn
2013 June
Ireland Through European Eyes: Western Europe, the EEC and Ireland, 1945-1973
West Germany
Cork University Press
Cork, Ireland
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A completely original historical analysis of West Germany's evolving attitudes, perceptions and policies towards Ireland after 1949. It draws on a wide range of both official and unofficial West German and Irish primary sources. The chapter illuminates a  strangely underexplored period in the relationship. This neglect is surprising considering the widespread scholarly, particularly historical, interest in the connections between Germany and Irish nationalism in the first five decades of the twentieth century. The chapter's focus is more on the diplomatic, economic and political aspects of the interconnection between the two states. There is some consideration of the role of European economic cooperation as a factor in increasing and deepening relations. However, social, cultural and literary dimensions are also considered to an extent in order to provide a more balanced appreciation of the rich connections.
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