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Lindsay AJ, McCaffrey MW;
Cell Motility and The Cytoskeleton
Myosin Vb localises to nucleoli and associates with the RNA polymerase I transcription complex.
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It is becoming increasingly clear that the mammalian class V myosins are involved in a wide range of cellular processes such as receptor trafficking, mRNA transport, myelination in oligodendrocytes and cell division. Using paralog-specific antibodies, we observed significant nuclear localisation for both myosin Va and myosin Vb. Myosin Vb was present in nucleoli where it co-localises with RNA polymerase I, and newly synthesised ribosomal RNA (rRNA), indicating that it may play a role in transcription. Indeed, its nucleolar pattern was altered upon treatment with RNA polymerase I inhibitors. In contrast, myosin Va is largely excluded from nucleoli and is unaffected by these inhibitors. Myosin Vb was also found to physically associate with RNA polymerase I and actin in co-immunoprecipitation experiments. We propose that myosin Vb serves a role in rRNA transcription.
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