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Allen, P.F; McKenna, G; Mata, C; Cronin, M; Woods, N; O'Mahony, D; Allen, E;
Journal of The Irish Dental Association
Gerodontology - how big is the challenge in Ireland?
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Population trends suggest that the Irish population is ageing, and that this population

will have substantial treatment needs. These patients will be better informed than

previous generations, and will demand treatment aimed at preserving a natural

dentition. This will impact upon delivery of oral healthcare and manpower planning

needs to consider how to address the increased demand for dental care. Poor oral

health is associated with systemic health problems, including cardiovascular disease,

respiratory disease and diabetes mellitus. It also has a negative impact upon quality of

life, and the World Health Organisation has encouraged public healthcare

administrators and decision makers to design effective and affordable strategies for

better oral health and quality of life of older adults, which, in turn, are integrated into

general health management programmes. Treatment concepts such as minimally

invasive dentistry and the shortened dental arch concept are discussed in the context

of these demographic changes and recommendations.

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