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O Leary, K; Dockray, S
Psychological Society of Ireland Annual Conference
The Effect of Gratitude and Mindfulness Interventions on levels of Gratitude and Mindfulness
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Objective: This study examined the efficacy of 2 novel interventions on gratitude and mindfulness. Previous work has demonstrated that established interventions can increase gratitude and mindfulness levels; however there is wide variation in the magnitude and duration of change.

Method: Participants were randomised to a gratitude intervention, a mindfulness intervention or a wait-list condition. Interventions were completed 4 times a week for 3 weeks. Participants completed wellbeing measures at baseline, at 3 weeks and at 1 month. Measures included the Gratitude Scale (GQ-6) and the Mindfulness Scale (MAAS) and other measures of wellbeing.

Results: Similar patterns of change in levels of gratitude and mindfulness were observed for both intervention conditions. The slope and pattern of change was moderated by general wellbeing.  

Conclusion: These findings indicate that short interventions can enhance mindfulness and gratitude. The effect of each intervention on levels of the alternative construct suggests a shared mechanism or pathway.