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O Leary, K; Dockray, S
10th Annual Psychology, Health & Medicine Conference
Gratitude and Mindfulness Interventions: Conceptual Crossovers and Practical Applications
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Aims: This study examined the effect of 2 novel interventions on gratitude, mindfulness and well-being. Previous research has demonstrated that established interventions can increase gratitude, mindfulness and well-being levels. To date these constructs have only been examined independently.

Methods: Participants were randomised to a gratitude intervention, a mindfulness intervention or a wait-list condition. Interventions were completed 4 times a week for 3 weeks. Participants completed wellbeing measures at baseline, at 3 weeks and at 1 month. Measures included the Gratitude Scale (GQ-6) and the Mindfulness Scale (MAAS) and other measures of wellbeing.

Results: Similar patterns of change over time in mindfulness were evident in both the gratitude and mindfulness interventions Different patterns of change in gratitude levels were observed between the conditions. Changes in levels of outcome variables were in the expected directions for both intervention conditions; however the slope and pattern of change differed between groups.

Conclusions: These findings indicate that short interventions can enhance mindfulness, gratitude and well-being. The effect of the gratitude intervention on mindfulness levels suggests a shared mechanism or pathway, which is not demonstrated for effects on gratitude levels. These patterns and differences in outcome variables have practical implications when administering gratitude and mindfulness interventions.