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O Leary, K; Dockray, S; Hammond, S
BPS Division of Health Psychology Conference
Measuring the Positive in Pregnancy: Development of the Gratitude during Pregnancy Scale and Evaluation of the MAAS in Pregnancy
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Aims: Interventions based on positive psychological constructs, such as mindfulness and gratitude, have demonstrated the potential to improve and maintain well-being. The ability to assess levels of these constructs in pregnant women has yet to be investigated however. The primary aim of this study was to develop a new pregnancy specific scale of gratitude, the Gratitude during Pregnancy Scale (GDP), in a sample of pregnant women. The second aim was to evaluate the reliability of the Mindfulness Awareness Attention Scale (MAAS) as a measure of mindfulness during pregnancy.

Methods: 375 pregnant women completed an online questionnaire assessing levels of mindfulness and gratitude. The GDP was prepared based on factor analysis, and reliability and validity were confirmed. Responses were also divided based on gestational period and parity, this data was then analysed using factor analysis. Reliability and validity of the MAAS were also evaluated.

Results: The resultant GDP scale consisted of a four-factor structure with 18 items. These items demonstrated a good fit across all subgroups divided according to gestational period and parity. The reliability coefficients of the global and subgroups were .85 or more.  Convergent validity was confirmed. The MAAS demonstrated a good reliability coefficient of .88.

Conclusion: This is the first study to develop a context specific gratitude scale for use during pregnancy and to evaluate the MAAS in the prenatal period. The findings indicate the usefulness of both the GDP and MAAS to evaluate gratitude and mindfulness respectively during pregnancy.