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Ní Riain, Isobel
Máirtín ó Direáin: carraig agus cathair
Cois Life
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poetry in Irish Máirtín Ó Direáin Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft Traditional society Identity and individuation
In this book I apply the sociological theory of Ferdinand Tonnies
(Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft) to the poetry of Máirtín Ó Direáin. I argue that the small, rural community idealised by Ó Direáin can be seen as a Gemeinschaft and that the city he portrays and derides can be seen as a Gesellschaft.
I also examine the importance of place in Ó Direáin's work and the poetic recreation of his island home.
I consider the role of individuation in Ó Direáin's formation of his own identity as a poet and the role of the 'I' in his work.
Dr. Seán Ó Cearnaigh
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