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Clíona Ó Gallchoir
Migration, Multiculturalism and Contemporary Childhoods
A conference discussing Ireland’s increasing diversity and how it is experienced and reflected in the lives of children
University College Cork
Conference Organising Committee Chairperson
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The increase in migration into Ireland since the late 1990s means that racial, cultural and linguistic diversity are now part of growing up in Ireland. During this one-day conference and networking event in University College Cork we would like to discuss how Ireland’s increasing diversity is reflected in the lives of children. Questions that will be asked include: how is bilingualism accommodated?  How are children affected by Irish laws on citizenship? What are the experiences of the children of asylum seekers living in direct provision centres? Does reading material for children reflect cultural diversity? How can schools be more inclusive? Are cultural and arts organisations engaging with children from diverse backgrounds? Speakers from Ireland, Spain, Canada and the UK will present research on these topics, and participants are also invited to join in the discussion and share their experience and expertise, as educators, arts practitioners, parents, or community representatives.
Irish Research Council New Foundations Award