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Mandatory Fields
H. Chapman and B. Gearey
2015 Unknown
Living Landscapes: Neolithic Ireland and Beyond
Palaeoenvironments, chronology and perception of landscape change in the Neolithic: a case study of Hatfield Moors, England
In Press
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This contribution reflects on the at times uneasy relationship between palaeoenvironmental data and certain approaches to landscape archaeology. It highlights the problems as well as the potential of such data in contextualising the archaeological record and past human activity and briefly considers the significance of recent methodological advances. A case study of a later Neolithic wetland site on Hatfield Moors, south Yorkshire is used to illustrate the significance of chronological and spatial patterns of environmental change for the interpretation of this monument. The paper concludes with a discussion of future themes for debate especially as regards issues of linking palaeoenvironmental data, which provides the critical evidence of spatial and chronological patterns of landscape change with questions such as past human perception of these patterns and processes of environmental change.


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