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Kandrot, S.
Association Geographic Information Laboratories Europe (AGILE) 2012
Beach-dune morphological relationships at Youghal, Beach, Cork
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beach-dune morphology, dGPS, LiDAR
Gensel, J., Josselin, D. and Vandenbroucke, D.
Avignon, France
The identification of critical relationships between beach-dune morphology and erosion/accretion status in coastal dune systems may provide a forewarning signaling future changes in foredune morphology and beach-dune behavior (Sayeet al. 2005). Beach-dune morphometric parameters identified from Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) and Differential Global Positioning System(dGPS) survey data at Youghal Beach, Co. Cork, Ireland, however, do not appear to indicate the existence of such relationships. Geographical Information System (GIS) analyses of historical and contemporary geodata at Youghal beach were performed to determine erosion/accretion status. The average rate of shoreline change between 1842 and 2006 was observed to be −0.102 m a −1 and the average rate of dune toe change between 1973 and 2006 was +0.003 m a −1 . No significant relationships between erosion/accretion status and any of ten morphometric parameters at ρ = 0.1 were observed. It is argued that contemporary and historical human influences on, or near,Youghal beach may be significant controls on its morphodynamic functioning. This research is subject to the limitations associated with using historical map data, such as unknown accuracy, limited availability of datasets, and integration of multiple spatial scales.
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